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1. What are we doing to make facilities safe? Following the guidelines from the UK government and Swim England we will have the following safety procedures in place:

  • Hand sanitising stations upon entrance and exit.

  • Allocated cubicles, being sanitised thoroughly between each use.

  • Allocated time slots for bookings with enough time in-between to ensure minimal contact and cleaning.

  • One-way system through the facility.

2. Will staff be wearing PPE? During swimming lessons we will have two staff present at all times. Currently there is no requirement by the government to wear face masks. In order to conduct the lesson, the teacher will socially distance wherever possible, so we feel face masks will only be detrimental to lessons as it will limit the teachers ability to complete helpful demonstrations in the water for pupils. We will also have an assistant present at the facility at all times who will wear gloves and a visor. We feel this is appropriate as the assistant will be sanitising and touching surfaces around the

poolside and changing rooms and these precautions should bring some peace of

mind to customers. 

3. Will there be changes to the pools opening hours? To allow us to re-open safely, all swim sessions must now be booked via our online booking system. Using the online booking system you'll be able to choose a specific time and date for your swim session.


4. Is there a time limit on my visit? Yes, we would expect you to arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your session begins, and leave within 10 minutes of your session finishing. This will once again ensure minimal contact time between customers.


5. If I feel unwell what should I do? If you or anyone in your household feels unwell or has Covid-19 symptoms, please stay at home. If you would like to re-arrange your session please get in touch asap.


6. If I book a session will I have to keep coming every week at the same time? No, the booking system is designed to be booked one session at a time to make it easy for you to find the best time for you and allow a wide range of people to get the opportunity to swim.


7. Will I be able to use the shower facilities? Generally, no. However if you/your child needs to use the showers due to a medical condition, please let us know when you book your session. 

8. What should I do if I have more questions? We will always expect people to feel nervous about coming back, but if you do have more questions they are very welcome. However to make sure we don't get overloaded with emails with questions please take the time to quickly make sure you haven't missed anything either in the FAQ's or on any emails we may have sent. For any further questions, please contact us via email on: 



1. How long are the lessons? Each lesson will be 30 minutes.

2. Do I need to stay with my child? You will be required to stay on the premises at all times.

3. How many children will there be in a class? Classes will have a maximum of 6 children, with the exception of advanced classes which will have a maximum of 8.

4. Can I view the lessons? Yes.  There will be a designated viewing area on the poolside.

5. Do I need to bring armbands for my child? No. Bouyancy aids are provided where needed.

6. Does my child need to wear a swimming cap? The wearing of a swimming cap is not compulsory, but is advisable.

7. Can my child wear goggles? Yes. However it is advised that where possible children gain experience of swimming without goggles.

8. How do I enrol and pay? To enrol please contact us by phone or email. Payment can be made by cheque or direct transfer.

9. Where can I park? For lessons held at Bury Swim School parking is available on Bridge Road from 5pm onwards (single yellow line area).  Prior to 5pm, the infant car park will be available. Please note the gates on the infant car park will be locked at 6pm prompt.

For lessons held at The Haymarket Centre, Pay & Display parking is available directly outside the swim school on Back Haymarket Street.

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